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charging lid lock and actuator

I am the "new" owner of a 2015 LEAF S, less than 30K miles, SOH 88%.

The only thing wrong with the car (found so far), is that the charging lid lock and actuator are missing or broken. I have the loop on the door, but it just disappears into a void, and the door is open and closed manually (since 2017, I understand from the previous owner). The door hinge is relatively tight, so the door does not spring up when driving. So, not a huge day-to-day problem, but I would like for it to operate normally. What I have now is no "spring up", and no lock (remote or otherwise).

The car had a front-end collision in 2017 and was repaired under the supervision of GEICO, but apparently they never got this latch correct, and the owner just let it go. (Maybe he preferred it this way.)

I figure that, either the latch/actuator is in there and was not secured properly, or it's not there at all.

Has anyone done the assembly/disassembly to get to this (for replacement or adjustment)? Is there a video anywhere that shows this? It doesn't look too complicated in the manual, but I would not want to screw it up and go from an acceptable scenario to an unacceptable one! The actuator itself seems to be available used on Ebay for about 50 bucks. Of course, for all I know I *have one*, and it's just floating around in the void.

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Re: charging lid lock and actuator

I would start simple and make sure that it's not just a fuse or relay that's blown.
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Re: charging lid lock and actuator

This might get you started, at least (from member "Rodriguez"):

I noticed you're still working with polymers.
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Re: charging lid lock and actuator

Oh, great video! Thanks! The problem in the video is not my problem, but I am pretty thrilled that it it so easy to get access to the mechanism! Next nice day, I will open it up and see what's going on, or what's missing.
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Re: charging lid lock and actuator

Interesting video, hope I don't have to use the method shown. It did however show me how to do a through dust removal every year or two.

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