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2011 Nissan Leaf Defective OCS SEnsor

My airbag warning light started flashing for my 2011 Nissan Leaf.

I used Leafspy and it confirmed that the OCS sensor was bad. As you may know, the OCS is embeded in the front passenger seat.

Our local dealer wants $3750 to replace the sensor because the entire seat must be replaced. We called Corporate Nissan and it refused to do anything to help us becasue of the age of the car.

I was not surprised by the cost because there are numerous threads on other forums which confirm that the dealers are chargeing ourrageous amounts to replace the OCS sensor. At most, the car is maybe worth $5000 so it is not prudent to spend $3750 for a 12 year old $5000 car.

However, I do have some questions that I would welcome input for.

1. My udnerstanding is that when the OCS is defective, BOTH airbags are disabled. Is this correct?

2. Besdies that fact that the airbags system is now disabled, is there any chance that the airbag system could deploy on its own for some reason (as a result of the faulty OCS sensor)?

Thank you!
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Re: 2011 Nissan Leaf Defective OCS SEnsor

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