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Australian Leaf experience and Chademo chargers

Hello Australian Leaf owners,

I recently have been solicited for a potential job in Canberra. I currently lease a Leaf here in the US and am very, very happy with it.

I need to assess all of the costs vs salary before I make a decision to move my family and myself overseas.

A few questions I have are:
  • Are there any Chademo quick chargers in Canberra and the Canberra suburbs?
  • How much does the Leaf cost there? How much does a Leaf lease cost there? They appear to be quite a bit more expensive than here in the US
  • Is owning a Leaf in Canberra reasonable?
  • Would it be difficult to find an apartment in Canberra with a space for at least trickle charging?
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Re: Australian Leaf experience and Chademo chargers

Hi daaxix,

There are no CHAdeMOs in Canberra, however it's a fairly small city and driving from one end of the Australian Capital Territory to the other is less than 45km (28 miles). There are a few L2s listed on Plugshare if you need to charge in public.

LEAFs in Australia have been A$39,990 (US$34,449) since last year and Nissan doesn't look like they have any plans to lower the price further (they started at A$51,500). Nissan Australia in their poor mismanagement imported more LEAFs than they can sell at the start and are still selling 2012 built LEAFs as 2014 models.

The only problem with owning a LEAF in Canberra is not being able to drive far beyond your home without planning or taking another car. Sydney is about 286km away (179 miles) and there is no dedicated charging infrastructure along the way. There are talks of an EV highway but it's early days yet and only Goulburn (~90km) from Canberra has announced plans to install an L2 so far.

I know there are a few LEAFs owners in Canberra. You might have better luck posting on these sites:


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