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Arizona Public EVSE charging

Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:23 pm

Arizona has a lot of public changing locations. There are over 550 shown on Plugshare.com We were also the home of ECOtality that got things stared. They were bought out by Car Charging who not tried to keep all the Blinks up and running nationwide.
We also have Charge Point with most of the new locations some of them are also free.
We also have Volta with 100% Free units and they are adding more.

The new Vehicles also have more range. We have a SOUL EV from California that easily goes 100-120 miles with Air Cond on and at 50-60 mph on the highway. Tesla has always gone well over 200 miles on a charge and the Roadster upgrade will be around 400 miles. In Oct 2016 the Chevy BOLT will go 200+ along with the 2017 LEAF and Tesla 3 all for around $30K.

Even plugin hybrids like the 2016 Volt can go 50 miles on a charge. It just keeps getting better.

Always report and public EVSE that is not working or has any damage.
If you see someone damaging a unit report them.
Always try not to charging during Peak Time Of Day hours. 6-9 am and 6-9 PM
Move your vehicle as soon as it's done charging.
only charge a small amount as you can, it's less cost and better to charge at home at night.

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