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Cheapo Cargo Racks / surf board attachment Thule

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:03 pm
by jbsocdelica
Hi Leafers.

I picked up a 50" ALUMINUM WINDOW FRAME ROOF RAIL RACK CROSS BARS CARRIER (SILVER) for < $40 with shipping ebay (they were listed as defective, because of scuff marks, but never saw them, thank god for getting older).

Obviously this is shiite for mileage. But ahh so cool for hauling stuff, including surfboards and garage door motor units. And great, when you have a 40 kWh or > battery.

This is how they look on amazon ... 532&sr=8-3

And I think ebay still comes up with similar deals to mine, just type in 'universal roof cargo bars'...

Note the usual caveats, loss of mileage, noise, etc. Note for surfers, I attached an original style Thule surfboard carrier kit with hose clamps since the 'bar' is of different dimensions than the Thule original rectangular bar.