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Re: Extreme cold overnight hits Leaf Plus cold limits

Sun Feb 14, 2021 9:03 pm

Kieran973 wrote:
Sun Feb 14, 2021 7:24 pm
Sage, I will try charging to a higher SOC in the winter from now on (pobably 80%), and also running the heater full blast before hand as necessary. But for this to truly reduce the number of charging events I would also have to do a deeper discharge. So what's better? Cycling between 40-60% SOC but charging when it's in the twenties fahrenheit outside? Or cycling between 20-80% but never charging when the battery is below 32F?
I would not be concerned *at all* about reaching a SoC of ~ 20% for a short amount of time.

As for your SoH drop, remember that SoC is temperature dependent. You will have a better idea of pack degradation when you retest ~ a year from your previous reading.

I know it is not any of my business, but I applaud your efforts to look after your car.
A thought: perhaps the long term solution is to improve the insulation in your garage ? DIY foam spraying is ~ $500. Just be sure to buy the low GHG foaming agent, and be sure to paint or cover up the foam after the spray or it will degrade from exposure to UV
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Re: Extreme cold overnight hits Leaf Plus cold limits

Mon Feb 15, 2021 9:14 pm

Thank you, sir. Though I think there are others on this forum who try a lot harder than I do.

Agreed on the spray foam in the garage. The more I learn about that stuff the less I want it anywhere in the house (just from an air quality/dislike of poison perspective), but in the detached garage where no one really hangs out, I guess it should be fine. Have to do some other insulation first, though (there's none currently in the attic, or the basement), but I'm working up toward the garage eventually. Just replaced the gas water heater with a Rheem hybrid one (which is awesome); next would be replacing the gas range with an induction one, and further down the road, eliminating 90% of the gas boiler/radiator system's load with mini-splits.

And yeah, hopefully in May, when the Leaf is a year old, degradation will not be as bad as it seems. Though the Bolt is looking better and better right now, both in its $12K 2017-model and mid-20's-K 2022-model variants (assuming the fed tax credit for Chevy is reinstated)....
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