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Tekna wheels on standard leaf

Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:06 pm

I have a Gen 2 standard Leaf and I'm planning on upgrading the wheels to Tekna wheels but I'm unsure of the part number and wheel width.

Also online some sites selling them suggest the Leaf and Pulsar use the same 17" Tekna wheel, is that true?

I've seen wheels with 6.5J width but some websites mention 7J width, what is the correct width of a 17" Tekna wheel? I know the tyre is 215/50/17 as standard.

Also does anyone know the part number stamped in the inside of the wheel in their Tekna?

I've seen:
N50701 5
N50701 6
... stamped in the inside on the same looking wheels with same 6.5J width, is the 5/6 a revision number?

If anyone can help me clarify these things that will be great. Thanks.

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