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Re: 2018 LEAF Test Drive Events

Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:23 pm

DaveinOlyWA wrote:So do you think there is any possibility that custom charge levels are available? This is something that is still not been confirmed in one way or another. Everyone I asked says no but in reality; not sure I have talked to the one person who knows everything either

I think I went thru all or pretty much every UI menu and category available (by going left and right) on the dash display (not the nav system) and didn't see anything that related to adjusting max charge level (e.g. stopping at 80% or whatever). But, now you have me wondering if I could've interacted (used the d-pad) with that charge time estimate screen...

IIRC, all the settings were in the rightmost category (gear icon).

I didn't explore the nav system that much. Felt very alien to me due all the changes. Not sure if if the '16 or '17 Leaf's nav system is closer to the '18.

Unrelated: I also confirmed the test drive vehicle also had the slide-on-rod sun visors.

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