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Re: Pictures of the Leaf's Charger and Capacitor

Thats really interesting pics, thank you..I can not wait until our electrical engineers here become so board with the Leaf that they start upgrading to better parts ..
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Re: Pictures of the Leaf's Charger and Capacitor

EricBayArea wrote:Thanks for posting the pics. Always wondered what it looked like under all that plastic.

I bet all of that stuff could EASILY have fit either:
A) FLAT in the rear, raising the cargo floor up a few inches but getting rid of the hump. Or,
B) Under the rear cargo area, where one of the LEAFers (sorry I forgot who) put a spare tire from underneath.
C) In the rear cargo crevices to the left/right of the hatch.

When you are trying to hide something that doesn't need to be seen or in need of constant maintenance, why not actually hide it instead of throwing a cover over it in the middle of the room and saying its "hidden." :lol:
I see what looks like a shock tower bar. It wouldn't surprise me if the LEAF needs such a bar, given how big the body's cross section is in that area, from the low floor to the tall roof, and how the body probably needs to be strong to both carry the battery and protect it in a collision. So, if it's true that the LEAF needs such a bar and the bar is going to be an obstruction anyway, might as well put some junk in the otherwise useless space beneath it.
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