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Re: Tein "Street Basis" coilovers

Drivesolo wrote:
marcucci wrote: I am curious if anyone has identified another source for coilovers or struts and shocks. I'm nearing that point where I am ready to spend the money on wheels, tires, and suspension. I am a former autocrosser and contemplating getting back into it with the LEAF. May need to buy a generator. :)

Anyhow- I am curious if anyone has turned up any options. I am tempted to buy some Versa aftermarket bits and start playing around. I may start with a set of used factory dampers and see what I can engineer around that. I'm a fan of TEIN but not of the price. I've also not had much luck with their low end stuff, and I can't tell, but these look to be of the slightly lower-end construction compared to their other lines.
I use to competitively autoX, I took my Leaf out to a practice day last year to try to figure out what it was capable of ( In my opinion, it may not be worth it. Locally, the distance of the venues from where I live and the performance limitations doesn't make it very desirable for me.

Versa bits won't work. Leaf is way too heavy. I was able to compare some B15 sentra front struts to the Leaf's and it's a no go, can even be modified to work. Maybe a B16 Sentra or Altima parts? Dunno at this point, I still have to see if I can compare the parts. I'm definitely interested in hearing your ideas on this.
I'll start responding in the other thread here: ... 97#p279797" onclick=";return false;

just to keep from double-posting. I'm very interested in this and will keep searching, and post results. I am not beyond fabbing my own parts. I used to make parts for Hondas: ... ed-208556/" onclick=";return false;

I used to be big into Preludes which were the bastard stepchild of the Honda world (very low volume) and found many, many parts from Civics and other Hondas that could be made to work. No guarantees but with a little time, tools, and ingenuity I'm sure anything is possible. I used to put together coilover kits with a variety of parts for <$500 that would rival $1k setups.

I'll keep everyone posted in the other thread. Thanks!
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Re: Tein "Street Basis" coilovers

MOD NOTE: Split the Megan Racing "Street Series" Coilovers into their own thread.
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Re: Tein "Street Basis" coilovers

I fitted the Blitz ZZR coilovers today.

More info here:" onclick=";return false;

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