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2019 Leaf SV our first EV


Our first EV, bought it to hold me over while I wait for my i4 M50 allocation. Having a blast today driving it around.
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Re: 2019 Leaf SV our first EV

Welcome. I'm going to move this post to an existing topic a little later.
Brilliant Silver 2021 Leaf SV40 W/ Pro Pilot & Protection
2009 Vectrix VX-1 W/18 Leaf modules, & 2 lithium E-bicycles.
PLEASE don't PM me with Leaf questions. Just post in the topic that seems most appropriate.
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Re: 2019 Leaf SV our first EV

Enjoy your Leaf!

My current 2018 Leaf is my 5th BEV and 2nd Leaf. I even had a Tesla MYLR briefly, but sold it and got a Leaf instead and am loving it!

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