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RearView Monitor camera beeping from an add-on speaker

Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:42 pm

I’ve searched the forum for a way to turn off the backup camera beeps (the “RearView Monitor”) in our 2017 Leaf model S, and this is the closest description I found of the problem:
The camera works fine but the beeps are a distracting annoyance when I’m trying to watch my fenders or talk with a passenger/bystander.

I finally figured out what was causing the problem, and it seems like an aftermarket mod.

The 2017 owner’s manual goes into great detail on the camera display settings, but there’s no info about any camera noises.

I’ve gone through the LeafSpy Pro settings, and the closest menu item seems to be the Service | VSP Settings. I toggled all those sounds to try to silence the camera beep, but no joy.

As I was fiddling around with the dashboard buttons around the camera, I noticed that the beeps weren’t coming from the dash but from behind me inside the car. When I crawled around I found a small speaker hanging from the plastic molding joint around the left rear roof pillar below the headliner. It’s about the size of a six-stack of quarters, with three switch settings: “Off”, “Lo”, and “Hi”.

The beeping stopped as soon as I moved the switch to “Off”.

The speaker wire is labeled “CEC-00BUZ-00 160300249”. I didn’t have any success searching for that, either, but maybe the parts database doesn’t allow search-engine indexing.

It’s wired in correctly, as far as I can tell without pulling apart the molding, but the speaker mount seems awkward. I’m tempted to just stuff it down out of the way before I accidentally bang it up with a longboard or beach gear.

Has anyone seen this before, in a Leaf or in other cars?



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