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Re: USB drive organization

I am using a 256GB Sandisk low profile USB memory in my 2022 LEAF SV Plus. The stick came formatted ExFAT, so I used fat32format.exe to reformat it, then copied a bunch of FLAC files onto it. They play fine in the LEAF.
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Re: USB drive organization

worlebird wrote: Sat Aug 13, 2022 2:36 pm However, the very next song after this goes back to that first randomly selected song. After that, the sequence continues, playing EXACTLY the same song selections as when it first "shuffled". Manually selecting a different song does no good - as soon as the selected song is over, the old "random" sequence starts up again.
It sounds like they forgot to seed the random number generator with something random, like the length of time the user takes to press a button. So you're getting a pseudo random sequence, which seems random at first, but as you see isn't random at all. Your shuffling analogy is spot on.

It would need a software update to fix this, and Nissans aren't Teslas. So I'd say you'll need a third party solution. Perhaps using your phone somehow.
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