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Re: Tyre Sealant Kit Experience: Use, Tyre Repair, and Sealant Replacement

jjeff wrote: Fri May 13, 2022 11:57 am ^^^ I believe you meant patch at the end of your paragraph, makes more sense anyway.
The store guy said plug, fwiw. I also wondered about his answer but I did not clarify to avoid taking too much of his time. I rationalized his answer as perhaps meaning bigger holes get plugs.
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Re: Tyre Sealant Kit Experience: Use, Tyre Repair, and Sealant Replacement

Got another flat on our two-week trip in the RV. Our 'toad' is a chevy spark, and I was fortunate to have enough forethought to get a full-size spare for the trip. It has a 'donut spare' but for towing it nearly three thousand miles I didn't want to chance it.

Sure enough, went to leave the RV park one morning in the car the tpms popped up saying right front had 23psi. I got out, rolled the car back looking for a nail or screw or something. NOTHING. I said to wifey, we gotta get this fixed as we were leaving for the next stop later that day and while it's being towed there is no tpms monitor. A flat would likely ruin the wheel before you realized it was flat.

Anyway, took the alloy wheel and tire off and put the steely spare on, it's full size so no biggie. Once off the car I found the puncture - looked like heavy stainless staples or something, a wad of them, with air leaking out. Circled it, threw it in the back, and dropped it off to Discount Tire to repair. Went on our way, said we would be back later.

They called in fifteen minutes, it was ready. Stopped over to get it, they plugged AND patched it, FREE. I guess I've bought enough tires from them that I'm in their system.

At our next destination I put the patched wheel and tire back on, good to go.

Having a full size spare was definitely a plus. One should be able to get a wheel or spare off ebay for whatever your car is, a cheap tire from Amazon, and have it mounted and balanced. Throw it in the back if you're traveling far from home. Cheap insurance plan. Or get AAA and sit and wait for them. Either works. LOL

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