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Re: Update on Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement

I looked at your map - there are none in Northern California, and all of the links in SoCal are for home battery sellers. Are they also leaf battery people?

I have a 2011 that is is perfect condition with 34 mile range and would be perfectly happy to pay for a larger pack with full capacity, but it it seems really hard to find.
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Re: Update on Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement

@harrier From an old post of yours, it looks like you live in Marin County, CA. If you're still living there, you should reach out to jbsocdelica on these forums, who lives in SoCal, as that person recently had a 2011 LEAF upgraded to a 62 kWh pack for $9K

https://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic. ... 14#p595314

jbsocdelica mentions that "Pavel" in LA did the upgrade and also sourced the battery pack. Also mentioned in another post is that "Pavel" is willing to come to you to do perform the upgrades.
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