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5.9 miles per KW

Hi all

We've been enjoying our new 2023 nissan leaf

Playing with all the options and modes , right now our best figure is on e-pedal & B mode, no eco

5.9miles per KW

Is that good, what else can we do to improve efficiency?
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Re: 5.9 miles per KW

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Re: 5.9 miles per KW

Energy is measured in kW, not "KW". You mean 5.9 miles per kWh.

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Re: 5.9 miles per KW

That is excellent efficiency. What brand of tires are on the 23?

Do you have the S or SV+
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Re: 5.9 miles per KW

We had a shocker this last week- the S+ which has been giving us a bit over 4 m/kWh since the winter months almost dropped us on the highway with 2 e-bikes on a hitch rack behind the car at 64 MPH. Just a bit over 3 m/kWh at this speed with the bikes, meaning that we stumbled in to a DCFC at just over 150 miles after a full charge at home. Be prepared if you are forcing the air to do weird stuff at the back end of the car! Once we got the mileage figured out we simply had to stop more often.
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