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Re: Ford Ditches CCS for Tesla Plug

V2G or V2Office would be a great add in South Africa where load shedding is becoming crippling for the economic progress of the country.
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Re: Ford Ditches CCS for Tesla Plug

I agree this is a nano-niche market and I'd be surprised if any auto makers make any large efforts to support V2X. I can see a small on-board inverter (even the Rav4 Prime has an option for a 1.5kW on-board inverter today) and I'm sure EV's could support something much more substantial but if the costs exceed a few hundred $$$ in materials, I don't think the economics make sense. Adding this as an option is also problematic, IMHO, due to regulations, testing requirements, support, battery warranty concerns, etc.
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Re: Ford Ditches CCS for Tesla Plug

I disagree. At current prices, the large battery in our Leaf far exceeds any reasonable investment in Powerwalls or other stand-alone storage sized to carry our house for even a few hours. It's roughly 4 Powerwalls worth, and they came with "free" car! Note that we're not giving up our ICE cars any time soon, and would likely have a second vehicle or just use Uber if needed.

Would much prefer a bi-directional charger, assuming that the price is more reasonable (as it should be, lacking battery expense). Will consider the Enphase unit when it becomes available, as it will fit in neatly with our micro inverters, and allows us to side-step the Tesla insanity. Musk can go 'eff' himself. I'm done with that clown.

We've structured our solar project into 3 phases: 1) just solar (now up and running as of May 1), 2) add stand-alone storage for 4-8 hours, 3) add a bi-directional charger for longer outages should they become somewhat common place in the Denver area (as they are in parts of California).

We are now considering flipping phases 2 and 3. Put in the bi-directional charger, and add a storage battery only if outages become more frequent. That makes way more sense to me as things stand now. Time will tell.

I think V2H makes all kinds of sense for us.
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