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End Of Lease Dilemma

As I've written here often, I lease a 2021 leaf SV40, and my housemate leases a 2020 Leaf SV+. When she leased it, I was able to get her a very high trade-in value for her ailing Prius PHEV, so the car has, essentially, a very large down payment attached. That was ok with us, as the plan was to buy the car when the three year lease ended, turning my car in the following year, and then sharing the one car. Well, "stuff" happens, and after a year of several enormous veterinary bills, followed by a large home repair bill, buying the 2020 when the lease ends in October is looking Problematic. The residual is just under $22k, and even before last year that would have been a big chunk of our savings. Now it's MOST of our savings. Anyway, we're looking at options. The one that makes the most financial sense, sadly, is to turn in the 2020 and instead buy my Leaf when its four year lease ends, for the residual of about $14k. The car would meet our needs even after losing a bar or two, but the problem is that we just don't like the 2021 all that much. The brakes are weak, the accelerator response is anemic in Eco, and after driving the Plus, the reduced range and power are noticeable. We are also thinking of things like a home equity loan, because we have no mortgage and no heirs. (No reverse mortgage, though - no way.) Our goal is to keep the ePlus, turn in the SV40 and have a monthly payment that doesn't strain our budget. We are paying about $550 a month now, combined, and would like to stay in that ballpark for any payment on the 2020. Do the financial Wizards among you folks have any Grand Ideas that will help us? Thanks in advance for your time on this.
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