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Leaf battery warranty

We have a 2016 Nissan Leaf with 38000 miles. In November the range dropped to 27 miles. We couldn't even get it from the dealer back home on a "full" charge. We have 8 bars on the dash. We have been waiting since December for a new battery under the warranty. A service manager at the dealership told us they have several other Leafs with the same issue and it is taking months to get batteries for them. We call the dealership each month for status. They keep saying they don't have a battery for us yet. Now Nissan contacted us and are offering to buy our Leaf. No price from them yet. Anyone else experiencing this ridiculous warranty service? We have been without use of the car for 5 months now.
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Re: Leaf battery warranty

Welcome. yes, Nissan has recently switched (at least in some cases) from replacing the battery to buying the car back. I'm sure that the two or so people here who are experiencing that will post here to fill in the details.
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Re: Leaf battery warranty

I've owned three 2nd gen 40kw Leafs and I'm working with the dealer now on a self-discharge battery problem on one with 10,900 miles. I constantly get many mailers from law firms in regard to Nissan warranty issues which tells me there are a significant amount of problems. You may want to check with one of these firms if you continue not to be able to work with your dealer and are without transportation. This seems unacceptable to me.

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