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Re: Post Your Order Details Here

Mungbeam wrote: Fri Apr 14, 2023 12:14 am Hi All.

First Post so hear goes

State : New Zealand
Metro area/city : Christchurch

Color/trim: 2014, 24kW, White, X (Acenta)

Options: Reverse camera, CHAdeMO, Fog lights( factory lamps fitted by me)

owned since October 2018

Plans for home charging:
Custom built OPENEVSE for home at work
Welcome to the forum, and while most people on MNL are N. American we do have several overseas members. Sounds like used Leafs are quite common in NZ, probably due for the most part because of the price of fuel in NZ but also being a compact country something like a Leaf tends to work well and your climate while technically tropical isn't too hot, again perfect for a Leaf and you don't have to contend with the sub-zero temps which also drain the battery quicker than normal. In short, I'd have to consider NZ the ideal climate for a Leaf.
The main thing to help extend the battery life on your Leaf would be to limit your charges to full or if you do charge to full, drive it shortly after to get the charge back down. It also isn't good for a Leaf battery to be regularly discharged to low levels if you can help it, occasionally is fine but like a full charge, don't leave it low for an extended period of time. So the sweet spot is near the middle, 30-70%? but this is only what I remember, someone else may have a better range. If your Leaf has an 80% charge option you might want to check into that. When enabled on Leafs so equipped, charging stops at 80% to help extend battery life. If you need more for say a long trip then turn if off for that charge and remember to turn it back on for more local trips.
A couple of my aunts/uncles just got back from NZ so we were just looking at their beautiful pictures this past weekend. My cousin lives in Queenstown and got married to a Brit living in NZ. One flew into Auckland directly from the States and the other flew into Queenstown via AUS, they both said NZ was beautiful but expensive, especially petrol, which again would make a Leaf the ideal car.
Did your Leaf come from Japan? sounds like many that end up in NZ are used Japanese cars.
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Re: Post Your Order Details Here

Hello Everyone!

New Leaf owner and new to this forum. I am not new to electric cars, this is my third one. I currently have a Ford Mach-E California Route 1. I bought this for city driving, errands etc. Portland has some crazy drivers, so I wanted something small, easy and fun to drive and cheap enough not to panic over. In the week that I have had it I LOVE IT! It has 68k miles and 62% battery capacity (GOM states 60 miles of range in ECO mode).

State : Oregon
Metro area/city : Portland

Color/trim: Black SL
Options: No idea
Accessories: None

Total MSRP+destination Do not know original MSRP
Total quote/price accepted (excluding tax/license): $5900
Total discount (or markup): None
Additional fees: Just the usual DMV, etc.
Purchase or lease?: Purchase

Date/time of reservation:
Designated order month:
First date able to request a quote (RAQ):
Actual order date (when quote was accepted):

Dealer: Beaverton Nissan

Delivery date: 7/28/2023

Plans for home charging: Level 1

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Re: Post Your Order Details Here

Congrats and welcome to the forum. What year is it? We can tell you what standard features it has with that info. As for the port cover, don't bother. The J-1772 protocol requires that you be able to safely connect and disconnect in pouring rain. It manages that by only providing house current to the car after it's been fully plugged in, and the plug has rubber seals on the pins.
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