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Re: Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

sirfergy wrote: Fri Nov 11, 2022 1:54 pm It’s weird that it needs you to go to the dealer considering the head unit can check for updates over WiFi.
Totally agreed. Wish it could be done OTA but in all honesty, none of the car makers other than Tesla seem to have mastered the OTA updates. Leave aside OTA, some of the dealership update experience I've read about has been pretty bad.

The dealer I called suggested this update would take 6 hours and possibly an overnight stay. He said they would first diagnose the problem, search for solution and download the fix if its available and apply etc etc. I told him the specific NIssan code they need to look for and get the fix which is now widely understood to fix the CarPlay issue but he would not commit to doing anything before I check my car in...
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Re: Carplay Issues (connecting, static/crackling sound)

Dealer in Houston did it in about 2 hours, probably took them 30 min to actually apply the update.

The call static issues is still gone, but the CarPlay connection issue is only partially fixed. It does connect more consistently, but I do still have issues where it will not connect. I'm guessing it works 70% of the time. The issue needs to be completely fixed.

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