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Battery heat gate

As i'm sure you will all know, the battery heats up with every fast ( DC ) you do, to a point where it will only take 19kw/h of charge, I plan on traveling down to southern France and i'm wondering if charging on the 42kw AC chargers on route will heat the battery up the same as the DC fast chargers ?? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Battery heat gate

If you're referring to the J1772 port - which is the only AC port available on a Leaf - they are limited to 6.6kW.
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Re: Battery heat gate

Charging rate is measured in kW, not "kw/h". OP is in Europe and I'm not clear about the OBCs on newer European Leafs which have Mennekes Type 2 inlets instead of J1772 inlets. I also don't know what year the OP's car is.

I believe the switch happened w/gen 2 Leaf.

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Re: Battery heat gate

I'm reasonably sure (but not positive) that the European LEAF is limited to 16 Amps
European voltage is 230v, so a 3 phase wiring would be at 400volts, and power would be 6.4 kW
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