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Re: Rusting bolt on front suspension strut - potential safety issue

Leftie, you think it might be helpful to make this a sticky? Or a new post stating this problem is real and recommending the tower caps be purchased and installed? My 2022 is 6 months old and the driver strut mount is already corroding. The sealant installed on mine was inadequately applied.

I understand watching product costs but to not install something that is $1 or so at their price to prevent this serious issue if left alone is appalling.
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Re: Rusting bolt on front suspension strut - potential safety issue

That is, AFAIK, above my pay grade*, but I can ask Mike. You can also ask him, by using the 'Contact Us' link that is on every page here.

* I can do it, but I think it requires Admin approval as a courtesy.
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Re: Rusting bolt on front suspension strut - potential safety issue

Eyeresearch wrote: Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:08 pm Here is a product we used in the military, (USCG) for combatting corrosion on aircraft in areas that were prone to set up a corrosion cell and cause nasty little problems that turn into big ones. It's called CorrosionX-Heavy-Duty, it's a corrosion inhibitor, a dripless aerosol, dries to a thin film. Maybe the engineers at NISSAN could use a little on the assembly line and it does not interfere with future maintenance. If you are worried about over spray just make a little tin foil collar around the top strut assembly and leave a hole big enough to cover the desired area. Great stuff, might find other uses around the house were you need a corrosion inhibitor, this is NOT an oil. ... -90104.htm

Remember, Corrosion never sleeps.
Unfortunately as of 2022-05-18 that link doesn't work.
This link takes you to a page of all their corrosion prevention products: ... on-control

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