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Use camera while driving?

I have a 2013 Leaf SV w/the 360 camera and nav. I know how to get into the service menu (press audio button off \ press map button 3x \ audio 2x \ map once) but the "Camera adjustment" option isn't even there on my vehicle. Either it was removed in a later firmware or it was never an option for 360-equipped Leafs. For whatever reason, my camera is only viewable in reverse, or when driving below 7mph (if you press the "Camera button" on the head unit.

Is there a way to make the camera view accessible while driving at speed? It would be really cool to see how you're centered in your lane while driving, or see what's behind you through the camera when there's something blocking the view through the rear view mirror.

Would this require rigging up a switch to fool the head unit into thinking the car is in reverse?
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Re: Use camera while driving?

I remember not being able to do this in my 2013 SL, but then someone on MNL mentioned something that did work -- at least to keep the backup camera on at all times while driving forward at any speed. I remember rediscovering it sometime in 2018 just before I sold the car. But I don't remember what it is anymore.

Perhaps something at the end of this thread that will help: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3557&start=30
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Re: Use camera while driving?

"For whatever reason" is due to safety! You aren't supposed to watch movies while driving, and the video would be distracting. Nissan SUV's with DVD systems only play the video on the rear headrest screens for this reason, even though the DVD disc is put into the main radio unit up front.

It is meant as a parking aid only, not to make sure you are centered in your lane at 65mph. If that's a must have, get a new Leaf with ProPilot assist. You can't watch the cameras on the video screen but it will keep you centered in your lane.
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Re: Use camera while driving?

I used to design electrical systems for fork lift trucks. We had an optional camera on the forks that helped when using high racks. We were told that we must disable the display when the truck was moving because it might distract the driver.

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