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Leaf V2H V2G and V2X capability

Hello all,
I recently purchased a new 2022 Nissan Leaf S Plus. Have had it for 3 months now and really am enjoying it, especially since gas prices have shot up about a month after buying it. So in looking through the owner's manual and doing a little checking online, it appears this Leaf has "vehicle to home/grid/load" capability. This really intrigues me as I would love to use my car as back up power for my home or even to stabilize the grid and push power back to the grid during day after charging cheaply at night. I would even like to use my car as a mobile power source to run power tools or A/V equipment. So many possibilities... So my question, it appears the car has the capability but I can't find any chargers or devices on the market to support this capability. Seems like some things in the UK with V2G on youtube but that's about it. Anything going on here in the states? Any of you with any real experience or knowledge of devices I can use to do this? Any info would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance.
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Re: Leaf V2H V2G and V2X capability

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