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2017 Leaf SV- future sale

Between a combination of moving from Denver to the Northeast and having 3 kids now we have decided to sell our 2017 SV. It will have around 41k on it by the time we get rid of it at the end of May.

I would like to sell it private party, but due to needing it until we move I am looking at the used auto buyers out there: Vroom, Carmax, Carvana, etc. Has anyone out there had any experience with any of these companies selling a Leaf? Are there any other (better) options out there? Any info anyone has on selling a Leaf this way would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone is looking for a Leaf in that timeframe let me know as well. It has 10 of 12 bars, still has 100 plus miles of range. I have never fastcharged it, it has always been charged at home. I will include my Juicebox 40 amp charger as well in a private sale. The car is overall in very good condition, no stains in the interior and no body damage. Its located just outside Boulder but I am in Denver daily during the week. I have the title, so there won't be any issues there.
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Re: 2017 Leaf SV- future sale

Selling to Vroom, Carmax, Carvana is simple. You can use their websites today to get an idea of what they will give you for the car. The prices will vary (almost daily it seems) but the process is very simple and painless for the seller. If their offer is acceptable to you it is the easiest way to sell a car IMHO.

Otherwise, the options are sell it to a dealer or privately (CL, Facebook, etc). A dealer will probably give you the worst offer but it never hurts to ask. Selling on CL or Facebook means you don't know whether the car will sell or not in the time frame you need.
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Re: 2017 Leaf SV- future sale

What are the options out there for car buyers? I know of:

I'll probably list it on Craigslist, I'm not a facebooker, but what other sites work for people listing and selling a car?

Last question for now, what's the right listing/selling price? Gas is high and I prefer to get realistic numbers from forums vs. NADA/KBB.
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Re: 2017 Leaf SV- future sale

I am looking for a Leaf and just so happens I'll be traveling to the Denver area in later May for a wedding. Can you tell me your asking price, the color and if it's had the the BMS upgrade?

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Re: 2017 Leaf SV- future sale

It has 10 of 12 bars, still has 100 plus miles of range.
It may have that range for your use case, but the car was only rated for something like 107 miles when new. Actual range by the same metric with 10 bars would be more like 75-80 miles, which is still better than a used 24kwh pack, and would be more accurate when you list it for sale.
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