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Fog lights come on with direction indicator

Anyone seen this weird fault.? You won’t know about it unless you find out like I did, by accident. Power car on switch light switch to headlights, and indicate left with the stalk. The lest fog lamp comes on. Indicate right, the right fog comes on, the left goes out. Only happens when headlights are on, either switched or auto. Car is 2020 leaf Tekna.
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Re: Fog lights come on with direction indicator

It is a feature called "cornering lights". It is meant to give you a little extra light when you are about to make a turn. Since you are referring to your car as a Leaf Tekna, I am assuming you are from Europe where this feature is somewhat newish (although it has been available on European cars for the last 10-15 years - often as an option though). American cars have had this for decades.

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