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Audi Q4 Etron

Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:42 pm

The Q4 is officially unveiled today or tonight, I believe.
We have speculated on it in various threads here but nothing official.

It really does seem like the Audi version of the ID4, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Starting price at 45k.

Some details:
Like the ID.4, the standard configuration comes with a single 201-hp electric motor on the rear axle, which will be called the 40. A 77.0-kWh battery pack is standard, and Audi expects an EPA-estimated driving range of 250 miles for this lower-powered version, which it claims will get to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds. The more powerful Q4 e-tron 50 Quattro incorporates an all-wheel-drive setup with front and rear electric motors that provide a total output of 295 hp and 339 pound-feet of torque. It will likely have a lower range number than the 40, and Audi claims a zero to 62 mph time of 6.2 seconds.

The Q4 e-tron will allow for fast-charging capability of up to 125 kilowatts

https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a3610 ... -revealed/


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