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Re: Five Feature Improvements

Sat Feb 18, 2012 8:25 pm

Homeowners, how about dusk-to-dawn lights on each side of the garage door? But either way I like to keep the headlights on auto all the times now, so there is more than enough light to "clunk" it once you turn the car off. And yes, one can to it in complete darkness. Imagine what adding a lighted port would translate in the final price! :lol:

My #12 (or so) is having bluetooth NOT telling me "connection failed" if someone was the connected phone before me, thus having me go to phone >> connected phones >> punch mine to connect it. How about connecting automatically when I get in (or whoever gets in first if 2 cells are involved).

Or -- at least stop with the stupid connection failed and just let me connect. Right now I have to wait until it cycles through the failure and only then lets me go through the steps to connect my phone. (We have 4 phones in the memory).

Fix the software, Nissan!
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Re: Five Feature Improvements

Mon May 14, 2012 1:34 pm

Stanton wrote:You forgot #0: get rid of the start-up "OK" screen!
Amen! This is quickly becoming a major irritant. I suspect it's either poor programming or defensive lawyers. I'm a programmer. To make this "feature" an option with a "don't ask me again" setting would take a little extra effort and some additional memory. Extra memory is always an issue for embedded systems, but I doubt that is the case here since the leaf is a new system. I think it's the lawyers. There have recently been a number of "exposes" about devices like smart phones "secretly" sending customer data to their manufacturers. I suppose the lawyers insisted on this screen so Nissan wouldn't get in the same sort of trouble. However, If that's their worry one reminder every 30-60 days would be sufficient. Of course that approach would take even more programming and memory. Anything that appears every time is ignored by most people.

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Re: Five Feature Improvements

Mon May 14, 2012 2:19 pm

It is a direct result of our over-litigious U.S. tort system... BMW, for example, only has such a screen on their U.S. cars, though they do make it fairly easy to do away with it...
RichCohen wrote:
Stanton wrote:You forgot #0: get rid of the start-up "OK" screen!
Amen! This is quickly becoming a major irritant. I suspect it's either poor programming or defensive lawyers.
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Re: Five Feature Improvements

Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:36 pm

I know the last post on this thread was in May, but I wanted to add my two cents worth. First off, I love the suggestion about the lighted lock switch for the doors. I've fumbled in the dark trying to find that myself. And amen to the extendable sun visors! I have those in my Ford Expedition (it actually has TWO visors on each side), so I can block the sun, and I hate that I've lost that option in my Leaf.

I didn't see this listed anywhere, so I thought I'd add it: Lighted HomeLink switches. When we leave at night, I find it difficult to locate the HomeLink button to close the garage door. Plus, I'd rather the button be on the visor than the rear view mirror. It's on the visor on our other cars, and it's easier to reach. With it on the rear view mirror, I have to lean forward and grope to find it. I know that rear view mirror design is used on a lot of automobile, so I figure it must be something from a standard parts bin. But maybe someone can enhance it.

I'd also love it if the Guess-O-Meter would be programmed to reflect my remaining mileage based on my last seven days driving and overall driving. I am sure someone has already suggested that though :lol:

Thanks all!
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