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Here's my new Leaf

I'm new in the forum. woohooo!
I live in Quebec!

Here's my new Leaf...

Mod :
- TEIN - H-Tech Springs SKK32-G1B00 (35mm drop)
- 18x7.5 Kia Optima wheel (46 offset) + 5mm spacer(for now)
- 215/45R18 Continental ExtremeContact DWS

Shot at 2012-05-13

Shot at 2012-05-13

****EDIT 2013-04-23****

Now I've added some 35mm spacer in the back and 25mm in the front. It looks nicer when it's flusher to the car

Here's a comparison picture with another LEAF (winter tire with stock wheel)

My Leaf is the snow (winter tires and -20c outside)

and the latest picture

Thint: 5 to 15% in the front (I don't remember)
35% in the back
50% in the rear windows

Surprise... I didn’t notice any difference.
- 18inch wheels are heavier
- The wheels are flush to the car (better aerodynamic coefficient for the highway)
- The car is 35mm lower (better aerodynamic coefficient for the highway)
- Tires are harder (41 psi in the tires instead of 36 recommended)
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

The wheels look very nice, not too ricey. No window tinting on the front windows?
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

Congratulations on your car. What do you pay for electricity, $.02/kWh? Lots of cheap driving in your future for sure!

Saw a Leaf with Mossy plates and an Obama 2012 sticker. Nice to see a new Leaf. Haven't seen one in a while. Hopefully a sign of higher numbers.
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

Are you rolling on 18s? Post up your efficiency, wheel specs, tires etc. Welcome to MNL.
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

Looks really good. I thought Kia uses 225's for their 18" rims, did you drop down 1 tire-size? Also you mention spacers "for now". Do have them front and back? Are they required for clearance? Did you happen to weigh the rims? I’d imagine those might be pretty heavy.
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

This looked really nice! :) I am also interested in hearing about the efficiency with the 18" wheels! :)
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

Awesome dude... cool model i like it so much...
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

I like the way those 18's fill out the wheel wells. Nice looking ride! I would also like to know how the different wheel/tire combo affects range.

I also wonder if 225/55-18 tires would fit under the wheel wells at stock ride height to raise the top speed from 92 mph to 102.6 mph. I just don't like the fact that the Leaf gets a black mark for the lowest top speed car in America. Even if the tire/wheel combo fit, I would think that there might be issues with handling, ride, and the ECU's ability to manage the change.
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

Herm wrote:The wheels look very nice, not too ricey. No window tinting on the front windows?
Front window tinting is illegal in Quebec... Safety for cops I guess.
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Re: Here's my new Leaf

What is your level of tint? Looks about 35, if I am correct.

Very nice.

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