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Re: Blink EVSE - Charging Data?

Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:41 am

TonyWilliams wrote:Try accessing it from your intranet at:" onclick=";return false;

Unfortunately, you won't get any more data than standing in front of the unit.

:lol: I tried that and got my neighbor's WiFi porno collection .... :roll:

Seriously, your Blink unit will have it's own local Internet address as part of your home network. For example, you may have a router attached to the Cable Modem. (Cable Modem is what converts the data from the actual cable TV cable so you can use it). Then to the cable unit you may have a router or a switch connected. The router is what is usually found. It will distribute the signal from the Cable (your Internet connection) to the various Internet connected devices in your local area. Por exhemplo:

----->Cable-----> Adaptor --------> Router ( ---------> (see below) ---------> Your computer or workstation ---------> Printer ---------> Wii box (if you have one) ---------> Internet capable HDTV Set ---------> Blink Unit

and so on ... and so on ... etc...

Remember, that YMMV and that your PC may not be, as in the example. Also your Router may not have assigned as it's personal address. You have to RTFM to get that address or use a port scanner application.

The Blink unit (as has been explained in several other areas herein) is a Kluge of various components and looks to your Router just like another computer. Matter of fact, it IS a computer with the entire operating system (Linux) and so forth on a single small-format PC board and then crapified with other stuff by the Blink people who finally got it to work. Let's be charitable and say that the Blink device is a "Work in Progress".

Once the non-disclosure, anti-tampering and other restrictions are off the Blink unit (which you signed up to in exchange for a free unit) you may be certain that we will swiftly conduct a Hacker's defenestration upon the Blink unit and redesign it.


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Re: Blink EVSE - Charging Data?

Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:43 am

Sheesh ! You guys pay that much for electricity? Simple fix...leave California.
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Re: Blink EVSE - Charging Data?

Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:45 am

CWO4Mann wrote:I notice that although the Blink web site says:

" ... This area allow you to build your own customer report from our data marts. To create a new report, click the new button next to the data mart
Click on a report name to run the report, or click edit to change the details of a report. ...."

There doesn't seem to be any "new button" in the data mart area (where ever that may be, although I am assuming it is the area in which the Widgets are placed).

Any clues?

At your prompt, I just found the same area of the website. If I had to guess, it's part of a "future expansion" that isn't online yet. It sounds like they'll allow custom report generation and then (hopefully) the ability to access the data from external apps using the "token" that the website allows you to generate today.

At least, I hope so...time will tell.
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Re: Blink EVSE - Charging Data?

Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:47 pm

Here's a closing report from the OP.

It turned out that the meter in our original Blink was faulty. Once the unit was swapped out, and a Cisco Valet and a pair of Alfa AHPE 303 powerline adapters were installed at the same time, everything has worked as expected.

I should point out that the Blink charged the car from day 1, it just failed to collect data and would not communicate with the EV Project.

All's well that that ends well.


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Re: Blink EVSE - Charging Data?

Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:00 am

Hopefully you've discovered the Usage Stats in your BlinkNetwork accounts.

If not, from the BlinkNetwork home page click on My Chargers -> Manage -> Usage Stags. Enter your date range and click View Tabular Data. A fair report is reported that would be much better if you could export it to Excel.


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