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Re: Blink Map Now Live!

Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:47 am

The Balboa Park chargers are now showing up properly. Probably due to a phone call from one of our members.

We had the thrill of our first public charging experience there last weekend. An ICE car pulled into the last EV space just as we approached. LMW got out and sweet-talked the woman out of it. She was actually interested in how all that EV parking space stuff was supposed to work.

Then we couldn't get it to charge. The only reason we had an RFID card is because LMW had scored one at the Balboa launch event. That part worked smoothly. But the Blink would just say it was ready to charge. I did some swearing under my breath about Blink's software, and tried to see what I could discover from the touch screen. Not much--it's far more limited than the one in my garage. Then I realized it was daytime, and my LEAF timers don't charge during peak hours. So, a push on the Timer Off button, and we were happily charging.

Next, we went into the Reuben H. Fleet museum to see the IMAX film on the Hubble Space Telescope. At the ticket window, LMW made them get the manager. She told him how great it was to be able to charge up here, and thanked him for the service. He in turn spotted my Linux name tag and so then we had a chat about that, too. (Exploratorium-style, for those who don't know)...we returned to the car after 3 hours. It hadn't quite finished but we were at 12 bars. No worries on the way home! It would be nice if Blink showed the kWh for those of us who keep track. If their web site has this info, I haven't found it yet. I can estimate it from the charging time, though.

Also, we found one of those "You just ICEd me" flyers lying on the ground. Apparently another of our members had been by earlier and left it on somebody's windshield, and that somebody decided not to take the souvenir with them. (Hint...if you were to add some identifying marks to the flyer, I could tell you whose it was).

The RFID card I requested (the day before the launch event) arrived in the mail a few days later.
And there goes the first capacity bar! At 24,000 mi on 9/9/2013.
Second bar at 30,500 mi on 2/7/2015.

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Re: Blink Map Now Live!

Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:06 pm

Carlos wrote:Now that the BLINK Map is back online has anyone had a positive or negative experience while attempting to charge at any of the locations?

I only mention this because one BLINK location in Scottsdale is actually on private property with security guards who do not allow access. I understand that I wouldn't want someone plugging in at my home without permission but my charger isn't listed on the BLINK Map as available.

Is there something I'm missing that shows which chargers are available for public use and which are for private (employee) use?

I have contacted BLINK with this issue and not seen a change in which are public or private....
There was recently an addresses listed on Blair Ave in Sunnyvale, CA. I went there and found a private residence with no sign of any Blink installed. There were some auto dealerships over their back fence on El Camino, so it made me wonder if they were using some address approximation software based on some GPS coordinates of 'planned' installation locations. I notice today that the location no longer has an indicator on the live Blink map. In any case, it does seem that they had some 'bogus' or 'not yet active' locations in their map.

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Re: Blink Map Now Live!

Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:21 pm

gbarry42 wrote: Next, we went into the Reuben H. Fleet museum....
Also, we found one of those "You just ICEd me" flyers lying on the ground....(Hint...if you were to add some identifying marks to the flyer, I could tell you whose it was).

Half a piece of white paper, folded in half, with the ever popular line, "you wouldn't like an electric car blocking your gas station".

That one?

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Re: Blink Map Now Live!

Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:07 pm

Pasadena, CA site on Blink Map -- CalStart on Chester -- NOT AVAILABLE though the map says it is. They told me they stopped making the chargers available after "some people abused" the privilege.
Now there is no Blink charger in Pasadena; there are Charge Point chargers at PCC and CalTech, but they charge

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Re: Blink Map Now Live!

Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:26 pm

For Burbank, Pasadena and Glendale charging see:" onclick=";return false;
1st Capacity Bar loss 30k mi 16mo
2nd- 49k mi 25.5mo 51.5Ah
3rd- 73k mi 36.5mo 46.9Ah
4th- 86.5k mi 43mo 42.6Ah
5th- 101k mi 50.5mo 38.4Ah, end 36.1Ah
New Battery 9/28/15 104k mi 66.1Ah
1st- 160.5k mi 34mo 54Ah
2nd- 184.4k mi 53mo 49Ah

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