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Seat covers available?

I was wondering if there are seat covers available for the front seats in my Leaf.
Disappointed that I could not get a darker color interior and seats. The light color is going to show dirt in no time.
Maybe Nissan or some third party makes seat covers that would fit?

In all my only criticism of the car is the light fabric used on the door panels near the door handles. It looks like a real dirt magnet. I would have been happier with a plastic that could be wiped off.
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Re: Seat covers available?

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Re: Seat covers available?

I went with Wet Okole.
Light Grey with Cobolt Blue piping :mrgreen:

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Re: Seat covers available?

Nice...it looks really good.

How much does something like that set you back?

I have seen similar covers for 200 per seat. I used scotch guard for now, but would hate to be wrong and have to know my seats are permanently stained.
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Re: Seat covers available?

Ravenwing wrote:I was wondering if there are seat covers available for the front seats in my Leaf.
Did you buy or lease? If you leased, I wouldn't recommend buying the expensive WOs. I leased and bought a $40 pair at K-Mart. They're really nice for the price! I haven't been able to find any like them anywhere else though.
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Re: Seat covers available?

Try website: http://www.bestfh.com

I received a set of dark grey (similar color to the front half of the Leaf dashboard) seat covers for all seats and the headrests for $69.99 in leatherette perforated vinyl. Model number is: PU007 114 (020070011400) in black, medium grey color(I bought this one) and beige. They are Air bag compatible. They have all types of seat covers and car covers with cable locks for I believe $49.99 + $9.95 for the cable and lock.
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