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67% Of Survey Respondents In The US Are Interested In Electric Cars

Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:15 pm

Via IEVS: ... tric-cars/

The survey seems kind of skewed, in that it only involves what are essentially CARB states, and sets a pretty low bar to car usage: "California and 9 NE states . . . who were licensed to drive and had driven a vehicle in the past twelve months." Do we really want people who are now walking/cycling/riding public transit to switch to driving a car, however powered?

The survey also looked at California specifically (PEVs 3% of the total new auto sales market), and
“The survey also found that 44 percent of California households could use an electric vehicle with little or no change to their current driving habits and vehicle needs. Survey respondents met the criteria for using a typical plug-in hybrid EV available today if they have access to parking and an electrical outlet at home, need to carry 4 or fewer passengers, and do not need hauling or towing capability.”
Here's the actual survey breakdown, from ... dology.pdf:
Survey Results


Q1 Which of the following best describes your current parking situation at home?

a. Private off-street parking, such as a garage or dedicated spot, with access to an electrical outlet.

52.37% 53.75% 53.06%

Q2 In a typical week what is the highest number of occupants, including yourself, you need to fit in the vehicle you drive most

5 or less – NE 5 or less – CA 5 or less - All

85.54% 86.75% 86.14%

Q3 For the vehicle you drive most often, does it need to have hauling or towing capacity?

No – NE No- CA No - All

73.42% 74.82% 74.12%

Respondents that met all criteria above:

PHEV Ready – NE PHEV Ready – CA PHEV Ready – All

43.33% 43.99% 43.66%
So, here in California, just under 54% have private off-street parking and access to an electrical outlet at home, and 46% don't, which is the main key to BEV viabililty. This is a bit worse than the 56%/44% (nationwide?) breakdown in the Plug-In America survey. It would have been useful if they'd also asked who had access at work or some other location where they parked for long periods of time.
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