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Re: Gun discussion goes here

Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:27 am

R1200RT wrote:Hi all,

I need suggestions on securely locking my gun in a 2013 Nissan Leaf. I am not allowed to bring the gun into work place. I looked under both the driver seat and passenger seats, but neither have adequate space or smooth enough floor to allow sliding a small gun safe in and out. Especially from the front with the manual seat slide lever going entirely across the front, therefore requiring I retrieve the gun safe from the rear only.

The glove box is not bad, but: 1. it is not locked, 2. its the most obvious place someone would search. The center console is way too small.

Thank you in advance.
I would never consider my car or a compartment in my car secure for gun storage. It's either on me or at home. My question is, if you can't use it at work, then why bring it? It the risk of having it stolen out of your car more or less than your risk during your commute? Why are you afraid to commute unarmed? Is your commute really that dangerous? I bring a gun with me when I know I will need it or will feel unsafe ( bad parts of town). I never leave it in the car. I don't understand those that do.
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