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Update on CEC DCFC Stations in Tehachapi, Mojave, and Inyokern, Calfornia

Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:55 pm

Linda Urata of Kern COG has issued a report on the status of DCFC stations on Hwy 58, 14, and 395 (Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Mojave, and Inyokern). These stations have been long awaited.

"California Energy Commission GFO-15-603
DC Fast chargers for California’s Interregional Corridors Awarded in 2016
CEC Corridor 7: SR 14 East of Santa Clarita to Inyokern
Palmdale – Target. 2 DCFC and 1 dual L2; utility construction work is currently being performed
Santa Clarita – Kohls. 2 DCFC and 1 dual L2; site designed and in permitting
Mojave – Denny’s. 4 DCFC and 1 dual L2; site designed and in permitting
Inyokern – Brady’s Mobil/Market. 1 DCFC and 1 dual L2; site designed and in permitting
EV Connect
Palmdale is installed at City Hall
Lancaster is almost ready, on K street 400 yards from the I-14.
Mojave and Inyokern are just starting construction. Mojave is at the Airport main building as is Inyokern. Should be operational by August 1"

Note that EV Connect has been promising the start of construction of the Mojave and Inyokern sites for months.


"CEC Corridor 8 SR 58 East of Bakersfield to Lenwood
Bakersfield – Bakersfield Countryside Market and Restaurant. 2 DCFC and 1 dual L2; site designed and in permitting
Tehachapi – Denny’s. 2 DCFC and 1 LS; permits received and now scheduling construction
Mojave – 4 DCFC; site designed and in permitting same as SR 14 site.
Boron – Chevron. This site is not going to be built. There is no three-phase power and the local substation is at capacity. SCE has plans to expand the substation but has no timeline. Equipment allocated for this site will be moved to another one"
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