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Re: Chicagoland area

Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:28 pm

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Re: Chicagoland area

Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:16 am

redLEAF wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:41 am
DougWantsALeaf wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:23 am
One curiosity I have here in IL is whether the EVs that mistakenly received normal plates will be allowed to keep them and pay the lower rate or be forced into EV plates.

Vice versa, will the few Volts that somehow received EV plates now be forced back into normal plates.

Agreed on the extra $100 a year for EVs, though nationally that seems to be where things are going. Guess I just need to drive my Leaf more to make the extra fee feel worth it.
Yes -- but 'mistakenly' in many cases is the dealer (like Audi and Jaguar with their newly minted 100% EV's) not even being aware of the IL EL plate program in the first place -- of the very few Audi e-tron's (have seen about a half-dozen) and even fewer Jaguar's (saw just two) NONE had EL plates on them, but have seen a BMW i8 (PHEV) and Kia Niro (the PHEV version not full-electric) with EL plates assigned just like a Chevy Volt, go figure? We have heard that although the EL plates will be more expensive than the current $35/two year renewal, the actual cost per year should be less than the equivalent regular plates for an ICE -- we'll see soon enough as all existing EL plates will renew this coming December so am waiting for my renewal notice from IL SOS to see if we get one more under the existing rules or they charge the new rates (technically we'll renew in 2019 and the new rates go into effect in January 2020). As far as those who have regular, vanity or special plates (Environmental, Route 66, etc.) who knows if they get an EV surcharge on top or simply be charged the going rate for the plate they have -- we'll all see soon enough (and actually that goes as well for our smart EV that has an Environmental plate on it -- I transferred that plate from the ICE smart we traded in -- renews in December)
Didn't realize how long ago my last post was on this topic -- two things, spotted Illinois plate 2056x EL on a black Chevy Bolt so the number of registered EV's in IL has grown a decent amount since the last sighting! Also, the annual renewal fee is no mystery, went up to $251 annually, its a $100/yr surcharge on top of normal plate fees for ICE's; reasoning is EV's pay no gas taxes; not outrageous per se but a far cry from when the state was promoting them at $35/two year renewal. As far as all the non-EL plates on EVs, the IL SOS will 'force' the change to an EL plate with only a few exceptions (have heard just handicapped and possibly Military/Veteran plates -- those folks with these will need to go to an IL SOS office to get them renewed) -- as my smart EV was renewed in 2019 we've got our Environmental plate until the end of the year at least and then it goes on the wall of the garage -- its a leased car but assume that won't make a difference registration-wise.

It also does appear that the handful of new e-Tron's and i-Pace EV's are getting new EL plates as well (I'm sure this seems a pain to dealerships as new EL plates all come from Springfield IL SOS office and can't be 'stocked' at dealerships like ICE stock plates, back to the yellow temp tags) -- seems to be more of the new Audi's then Jaguar's on the road but then the overall sales numbers seem to back this up. The most popular new EV is still the Model 3 around Chicagoland -- on most daily trips seem to spot at least 6 or more. What is even a more rare occurrence is spotting a new LEAF -- perhaps its just not distinctive enough but have seen much fewer of these than the other new EV's in the market. Lastly, the Tesla Model Y should be next to be seen around here -- according to Tesla and other postings, the first on the streets will be the performance AWD -- anyone spot one yet around Chicagoland ? should be a matter of just a few days at most and yes I put an order in for one -- mine will be a LR AWD (non-performance) that will replace my last ICE in the family
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Re: Chicagoland area

Sat Mar 14, 2020 5:34 am

I haven’t seen any Ys yet in Chicago. I am seeing a “few” more Leafs on the North side of Chicago, but certainly fewer than M3s. Old Orchard mall is littered with them. It’s all the new free charging stations that draw them in.
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