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Re: What tires for a Nissan Leaf

Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:17 am

Fea wrote:Hi. Apparently, I need 2 new front tires after only 20k Kms and I was told by the main dealer that I had to buy 'low rolling residence' tires that cost €120 each or I could lose up to 25% in my range! My local garage says that this is rubbish and I can use any tire on the car. Does anyone know which one is telling the truth? Does anyone have any recommendations for tires for a Leaf? And is it normal to need new tires after only 20k? Thanks.
You CAN use any tire but you will loose some range.

When I had a Prius I replaced the tires with tires not rated LRR. I lost about 5% of MPG.
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Re: What tires for a Nissan Leaf

Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:18 am

25% seems unlikely, unless you're fitting aggressive snow tires. But 10-15% wouldn't be surprising; maybe less if you're only replacing one axle. Keep in mind there is typically a loss of efficiency even when replacing worn LRR tires with brand-new LRR tires, a result of the thicker tread.

20,000 Kilometers is a terribly premature death. You need to figure out why the tires are wearing so rapidly. The most common cause for LEAF seems to be under inflation. If the edges of the tires are worn but the center is not then under inflation may be your problem. There are a lot of people including myself who feel that the factory-recommended pressures are too low for good tire wear. I'd advise to do some searching here on the topic.

If pressures are not the problem then the next thing to check would be alignment.
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Re: What tires for a Nissan Leaf

Thu Jun 20, 2019 7:18 am

Looks like you bought a used Leaf with bad tires, and you do not mention what year is the car....

The original equipment Bridgestone tires Ecopia 422 (no "+") were made of very soft rubber, and wore out VERY quickly, especially if you make quick turns.

I have had better performance of the Ecopia 422+ tires, getting about 40-50K miles out of them. I would stick with these cheap tires that match the capability of the Leaf....

Also----- the Leaf is a car where you MUST rotate the tires 2x / year.. To get the best and longest use out of them. Like I said before, the Leaf front tires are really punished by this car...

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Re: What tires for a Nissan Leaf

Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:22 pm

Your post is quite confusing, first your talking Kms which is generally not the USA but could be Canada, your profile shows NYC....but then you list the price for your tires in Euros(if thats what the symbol means) :?
Anyway like others have said, expect a slight reduction in range just getting new tires, even if the same as original, they need to break in. I also went with the Ecopia + aftermarket tires(around $120 each after mounting and balancing) and have had MUCH better wear than the crap OEM Ecopia's which mine wore out around 20k miles. My E+'s already have more than 20k and still look good. I also had my Leaf aligned(my cost) but they said it wasn't really that bad, premature wear was probably mostly caused by crap OEMs. I also changed my inflation pressure to 46??(maximum for tire) from the 36psi it was before, that could also have helped my current tires last longer than OEMs.
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Re: What tires for a Nissan Leaf

Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:28 pm

We have another spammer. That post was lifted from another board, two years ago. I'll show "fea" the door.
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