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Re: 2800 CAD worth of repairs on MY 2011

Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:07 am

Oilpan4 wrote:I have a sneaking suspension that those prices are really high and some of them unnecessary.
But that's just me.
I beat my leaf like a rented mule and use it like a half ton pickup, have more miles and don't have those problems.
Just 2 weeks ago when I put new tires on the front I checked brakes, tie rods, bearings and they were all perfect and I have over 52,000 imperialist miles on mine.
I'm surprised they didn't try to sell you an engine oil change, or catalytic converter and oxygen sensors, timing belt, ect.

If something doesn't seem right post it on the forum before spending money.
Huh? Exactly how do you know your suspension is sneaking?????? :D :D :D :D I've never heard of such a thing.

Also, where do you live? The OP lives in a rather harsh winter climate, lots of road salt, etc. If you live in a less harsh climate, you wouldn't see the same issues. I agree with you that the repairs listed seem excessive, but as we're only reading about it and not SEEING his vehicle, we really have no basis to question the diagnosis...other than the outrageous prices.

I lived in the Washington DC region all of my life, moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth region 4 1/2 years ago, and no longer own DC region vehicles. I'm amazed how pristine the undercarriage of my cars is/are, with no corrosion whatsoever...even the cheap pot-metal hardware on my Toyota Avalon.

It would be nice if the OP could post some pictures, but even then, it's impossible to evaluate the condition of a caliper by looking at it. It can have superficial topical rust and still function just fine.
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Re: 2800 CAD worth of repairs on MY 2011

Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:00 am

I get auto corrected. Some times we would all be better off with typo and misspelled words.
"THE ABOVE POST CONTAINS MISLEADING AND INACCURATE INFORMATION. PLEASE CONSIDER IT OPINION, NOT FACT". -someone who I offended and is unable to produce the facts in question.

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Re: 2800 CAD worth of repairs on MY 2011

Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:39 pm

I was not able to see the pictures you posted. I think the issue here not the price of repairs or the replacement of items.

When dealing with a mechanic, we must know HOW did you go to the mechanic, what problems did YOU saw------ or did they DISCOVER all these problems.

Secondly, I always evaluate recommended repairs with the question... What are the chances of the Brake calipers, shocks, tie rods, and other components to REQUIRE changing at the same time.... In my limited knowledge of your case, this is a scam..

Shocks? only if the car bounces up and down too much.. Calipers? Did they seize up and not release? That would make an overheating or damage to your rotors.... Tie rods, ball joints??? That would require physical visible damage, or noise, when you move the tires around when the car is on the lift...

Anyway, Whether you went to them with a problem or they "found" them, there is NO WAY that all of these things need attention at the same time. Smile, drive away, and take the car to another to only evaluate 1 problem you notice. If you notice no problems, have them "just check over the car" (with no complaints)... PS - I was going to say have them do an oil change, but it does not apply here!!! LOL>.

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Re: 2800 CAD worth of repairs on MY 2011

Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:44 pm

Oilpan4 wrote:I get auto corrected. Some times we would all be better off with typo and misspelled words.
I think that we would all be better off if we proofread what our phones write for us before posting it.
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