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Blink EVSE - Please Wait

Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:07 pm

I think this is relevant to report even though Ecotality has concluded that the 'meter' in my EVSE is not functioning properly.

My Ecotality Blink was installed on 11/28/11, shortly before I took delivery of my Leaf on 12/7/11. Until today it has always charged the car. It has not tracked the charging history, nor has it reported 'home' to Ecotality, but the charge function worked.

It took the City until 1/3/12 to inspect the electrical installation work. This meant that my installing technician had to come back that day. When the inspection was done I mentioned that I had wireless issues and a trouble ticket open with Blink. He said, I have the hardware fix on my truck. Let's save me a trip out and see if it works. He installed a set of powerline adapters and a Cisco Valet. My EVSE is on an outside wall of the garage. The Valet is just on the inside wall of the garage, feet from the EVSE. The wall is 5/8" plywood paneling. We quickly established internet connectivity and he updated the firmware. The Blink continued to charge the car but also persisted in failing to collect data and report 'home.' On 1/11/12, an Ecotality service tech and two trainees showed up and concluded that the 'meter' in the EVSE was faulty. There followed a circus of emails to and from Ecotality. I persisted. On 1/30/12 a tech is scheduled to come out and swap out the 'meter' in the EVSE.

Today the screen on the Blink reported "Please Wait" when I tried charging. I power cycled the EVSE with no change. I then power cycled the powerline adapter and Cisco Valet and that turned the trick. All the lights on these units looked in order (and the same) before and after the power cycling.

Bottom line: If you have a powerline adapter with or without the Cisco Valet and if you experience the "Please Wait" command, consider unplugging the units and power cycling them.

Here are a few more observations.

Also, don't walk away from your car without being certain that it is charging. Check on it after a while to make sure it has not been "dropped."

That means that, in order to do an 80% charge, I have to have the timer turned on and then manually disable it each time I charge the car. I have no incentive to charge during 'off-peak' hours. Perhaps one day it will make sense to start charging at midnight or 1 AM, but not just yet.

Here in Palo Alto, CA, home of the HP Garage, where there is no special provision for 'off peak' power use. In fact, our electrical rate is 'tiered' based on usage so that any power used to charge the Leaf is billed at the top incremental rate. Green Palo Alto is, in effect, anti electric car. I'd consider installing PV panels on my roof, but we are also 'tree friendly' and 50-60 years ago the neighbor over the back fence planted 4 huge deodar cedars right on the lot line which runs from the south corner of the lot to the west one, blocking sunlight from the roof.




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Re: Blink EVSE - Please Wait

Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:27 pm

Please do not start any new Blink threads, there are plenty to post in and no matter what you post I assure you it will be read.

Thank you.

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