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Request for poll concerning Blink performance

Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:25 am

Moderator, could you create a Poll, posing the question of "Does your Blink function correctly and reliably?", with options like "Yes", "Yes, after repair/upgrade", and "No" ?

I've been cautioned against overgeneralizing from the poor performance of the Blink unit that the EV project provided me (plus a few posts here from other disapointed Blink users) to the assumption that the Blink's design is inherently flawed. I'd be curious to see how a larger population of Blink units stack up.

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Re: Request for poll concerning Blink performance

Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:07 pm

it would be really nice to see a poll, though in the end it will just be a straw poll. Folks who run into issues with either the car or the charging stations are probably more likely to sign up and post on the forum. I'd still like to see what a straw poll shows. Also included in the poll should be whether or not your connected directly to the internet or using wi-fi. my suspicion is that the Blinks wi-fi is the lions share of the issue.

Then we need another poll for public chargers. Blinks are having issues, perhaps even more issues, with their public chargers and that's going to kill them, IMHO, if they don't get it together! 2 out of three of the blink chargers I tried using this weekend at one location wouldn't charge...and finding out which one worked took a while!
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