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Re: EV Project/Blink Installs

Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:07 pm

GroundLoop wrote:When there is one charger in the parking lot, reachable by two parking spaces, how many would you make reserved for Handicap Only?
(Assuming there are already six Handicap spaces nearby.)
How would cooperative 'staging' work in this case?
I actually thought it was a pretty big concession that one EVSE could be shared between the blue space and a regular space. As far as "staging" I'd hope that most people would leave the accessible EVSE available till all the other ones were taken. When/if the accessible one is the only one left available, people can then use it from the regular space. Whatever sharing protocol develops for all the other charging stations can be used in that instance as well.

Yes, the situation will come up when other EVSEs are vacated and someone handicapped comes along and finds the accessible one still occupied, but it's unavoidable for now, and the answer to that will be a dedicated EVSE for the blue a later date, I guess.
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