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Re: Barrons' reporter runs Leaf flat in Manhattan

Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:09 pm

drees wrote:
blackvalkyrie wrote:my prius has been extremely consistent in both its economy and it's indicated low fuel BTW it's black.
Maybe so, but Google quickly shows that running out of fuel in the Prius is very common: ... ut+of+fuel

sorry - what straws are you grasping at?

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Re: Barrons' reporter runs Leaf flat in Manhattan

Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:57 pm

I'm used to driving a car whose speedometer is spot-on (to within +0/-1mph, verified w/GPS), whose fuel gauge is rather precise, whose low-gas light comes on at the same fuel level every time, and whose clock hasn't strayed more than two minutes over the past 5 years. (And before you ask, it's not a fancy car, this is just a basic Hyundai.) This is a standard of quality to be expected from any car. I wouldn't expect any less from Honda, Toyota, or Nissan.

So when I hear reports of any car where the clock loses several minutes within the space of a month, the speedometer reads 5 mph too slow, and it inconsistently stops moments after the low battery light comes on - I don't see this as something normal by any means. That said, I'm pretty sure that most LEAFs are performing quite well. But when you discover issues such as these with your car, let's get real, it's defective and you ought to see your dealer to get it fixed!
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