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Re: Turn your battery terminal into a quick disconnect

Mon Feb 08, 2021 1:05 am

Yeah, that's what I was thinking - although I didn't think of overcharging during traction battery charging. Here is what might work, in a half-assed way: find a way to switch that sensor off and on from the cabin, and you'll have a 'manual charge mode' that can be used to top up the 12 volt battery as you near home. The best version would be idiot-resistant, by employing a 15 minute or so automatic off timer. I'm also sure that anyone who can design and build circuits could build a regulator/charge circuit that would switch the sensor off and on to maintain a voltage of 12.8 volts or so, thus augmenting Nissan's poorly implemented charging algorithm.

In the meantime, I've been using a near-daily short drive I was taking for months to see if there is a way to keep that voltage up, based on what we know. I've made sure to run the wipers once or twice per 10-15 minute drive, for just a cycle or two, and during the brief stop I made I left the car On. I also leave the headlights on Auto, run the climate control with heat on in Eco mode (usually) and the blower on 3 or 4. The result? Yesterday, after quite a few weeks of this routine, the rest voltage of the accessory battery was 12.6 volts - acceptable.
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Re: Turn your battery terminal into a quick disconnect

Mon Feb 08, 2021 6:35 am

Generally outgassing occurs at 14.4V depending upon temperature. i'm not worried about 14.0 especially during the typical 30-minute drivetime.

i'll monitor it during a few charge cycles but expect it will be fine such as when connected to a trickle chargger for long periods--when the battery voltage reaches the chargge voltage, then current flow drops toward zero.

The 13.1V set point with the current sensor connected may be to allow use of AGM or FLA, but it is not really adequate for FLA.

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