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Android Auto frustration solved

Mon May 03, 2021 5:04 pm

A week ago I updated a map at home via wifi (can't seem to get USB working but whatever, doesn't really matter). The center screen rebooted itself a few times, unexpectedly. I had updated maps before and this never happened.

When i finally got my screen back, everything was reset. Home location gone, luckily I don't have anything saved since I tend to Waze and Android Auto instead. Clock set to UTC time, etc. Weird. Setting clock to auto, it changed time zone via my gps location and knew DST should be active.

Also android Auto hadn't worked since. Whenever i reconnected my phone cable, my phone kept prompting me to allow or deny whatever this device is (the LEAF in this case) access to my data. Hitting "allow" had the leaf start playing a ringtone mp3, or just static via some recording file I have hidden on my phone somewhere, via the LEAF USB2 audio. This after the android auto logo would briefly appear half a second on the LEAF screen, before reverting to the phone icon.

This happened a dozen times the past week. :cry: I tried deleting my phone from the LEAF connection menu - I had to re-add it originally after the unexpected reboot - but no luck.

I finally fixed it today and have android auto again.

Step 1: Unplugged from the car, find Android Auto settings. It was hidden on my s9, had to search the settings app for it.

Step 2: Hit previously connected cars, I had 2 for the leaf that were fighting each other? This was likely my issue since I had to unexpectedly re add my phone a week ago

Step 3: tap menu icon in top right, "forget all cars" pops up, make sure "connect to new car" is active below that

Step 4, plug in, and it connected right away as new and it works again!

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Re: Android Auto frustration solved

Tue Jun 01, 2021 12:07 am

I'm having the same issue. Will try it.

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Re: Android Auto frustration solved

Fri Jun 11, 2021 2:07 pm

I have a Chevy Colorado in which the android auto stopped working and I could not figure it out and neither could the dealer. Turned out it was the year that didn't match between the phone and the truck (I think it was the truck that was wrong), but it was not obvious what the issue was. So, double check that ALL the setting match and hopefully it'll solve it. PS, we have a small 5th wheel travel trailer which is why I own a truck. PSS we just got the LEAF and love it

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