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Re: Front floor mat hooks

Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:15 am

I used rubber mats for a long time in a 91 Ranger, without incident.
But I also encountered floor mat in a Lincoln Town Car sliding forward and hanging the accelerator. Don't think it had hooks or other means to secure the floor mat.
Very frightening / dangerous incident, fortunately got the car under control but was lucky that I was on an Interstate with five lanes in the direction I was traveling and very sparse traffic.
If the same thing happened in dense traffic, such an incident would likely cause an accident and could get you killed.
Securing the floor mat is the smart & safe thing to do.
Should be a mandatory safety requirement for all vehicles.
Although mandatory brake pedal over ride of the vehicle accelerator is the smarter thing to do.
When a very experienced law enforcement officer fails to overcome a stuck accelerator pedal and he and his entire family dies in a horrific crash, do we really need more evidence that brake pedal over ride of the accelerator should be mandatory?

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