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Re: Leather anyone?

Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:08 am

TRONZ wrote:Has anyone done leather in the same shade as stock... or lighter? It is leather after all.
Call me whacky - but I recall in bygone days when a dark Burgundy leather was considered way cool for cars:


With the Leaf's light tan all around the leather, I wonder if it'd look good in the Leaf ... I mean objectively. I'd hate to have 99% negative comments if I ended up loving it.
CWO4Mann wrote:
SteveInSeattle wrote:I make sure all my leather goods are from road kill.
Yep, same here in Tennessee ... soon as I collect enuff of 'em, I'm gonna use Possum skins ...
Maybe the Florida folks will do gater seats. Not in burgundy of course. That'd just be weird.

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