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Trailer Plug Wiring - 2020 Leaf

Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:54 pm

I got the wiring kit today and after tearing the back of the vehicle up to get to all the wires to plug in, I almost did the 12V wire run from the front of the vehicle to the converter, but then I just ended up splicing the wires directly into the plug like I did on my old 2013 Leaf. Was easier and quicker and still works with the trailer lights (even the one with incandescent bulbs), so I ended up cutting the converter box out of the whole thing. Don't know what to do with the extra converter box unless someone here has a good home for it? 8-)
No running lights (no converter box), but not required to be legal for a trailer, just need the stop and turn signals lights, which work fine.
Wiring kit came from


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