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Retrofitting 2016 upper and lower meter/gauge displays on a 2012 Leaf

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 6:00 pm
by andyc
Hi, I live in the UK and have a 2012 Leaf, which the accompanying owner's manual states is designed for European nations, but which I have been told is a special customised version for a foreign market, imported to the UK earlier this year. It's all fine for the UK, apart from the upper and lower meter/gauge displays only show in KM. The Trip Computer Settings doesn't include Units (which the Owner's Manual indicates may not be present), so there's no setting available to change from KM to Miles. As a solution to display Miles I'm considering the possibility of retrofitting upper and lower meter/gauge displays from a UK spec car. These units are approx £1000 purchased new, but I've found some much more reasonably priced secondhand ones available from a 2016 Leaf. From the online photos of these 2016 units, they appear to be identical in every respect apart from the part numbers are of course different. Before I go ahead and order these non-returnable units, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge about fitting newer displays to an older car?

I've got as far as removing the existing upper and lower display units - here are their part numbers:

Existing 2012 upper display (speedometer): 24810-3ND1A
Existing 2012 lower display (odometer, range, temp, etc): 24810-3ND0E

And here are the part numbers for the 2016 units I'm considering fitting instead:

2016 upper display (speedometer): 24810-3EM1B
2016 lower display (odometer, range, temp, etc): 24810-4NR0B

My 2012 Leaf has engine code EM61 and the 2016 Leaf has an EM57.

I understand the odometer mileage will change to whatever is stored in the 2016 unit, but apart from this will fitting these 2016 units work? I'm assuming that these units simply receive, store and display information and aren't responsible for generating or feeding back any data to the control system? On this basis, I'm viewing changing them as fairly benign and unlikely to upset anything? All information and advice gratefully received! Many thanks.

Re: Retrofitting 2016 upper and lower meter/gauge displays on a 2012 Leaf

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:03 am
by powersurge
I don't understand why you want to change the instruments on your car....

And even if your instruments are different that what you have in your country..... Live with it... The car drives and works, so do some mental conversions to guide you how fast and far you are going.. It does not justify ripping out an swapping components.

Also, You don't want to start mixing electronics from vastly different years. YOU ARE ASKING FOR BIG TROUBLE...

Re: Retrofitting 2016 upper and lower meter/gauge displays on a 2012 Leaf

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:28 pm
by andyc
Thanks powersurge I agree with your assessment. After a few days driving with a little sign handy... 30mph = 48kph, 40mph = 64kph, etc it's become second nature and I'm fine with it (also I'm good at my 8 and hence 16 times table :D ). My wife has a strong preference for units in miles, however, so I'm investigating options.