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Collecting 2018 LeafSpy Data

Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:20 am

Dear members,

I've just been chatting with Jim ('Turbo 2'), the LeafSpy developer, about collecting data log files from the LeafSpy app's monitoring of the 2018 Leaf.

I'm researching an upcoming article on Cleantechnica where I write on EVs and encourage their adoption. I'm wanting to collect a wide set of data on power levels / driving speeds / DC fast charging profiles and battery temperatures, in order to give a clear overview of how to best manage those variables over the course of a long journey with 2 or more DC fast charges.

Jim suggested that I initiate a new thread here on the forum to explain my project and request Leaf owners to send me data. Any raw .CSV files from the 2018 Leaf are welcome. Particularly useful for identifying data trends will be to have logs that include at least one DC fast charge session, and/or driving in temperature extremes, unusual speeds, significant elevation changes, in sustained rain, long distances etc. or some combination of these. Thanks to the brilliance of LeafSpy, the log will usually describe all these variables, and they will help me to identify and describe how to best manage for such variables during driving.

All the data I collate will be anonymized. The goal is to get diverse sources to have high quality aggregate data. The CSV files will only be held on my person computer and in encrypted backup. However, I also recommend removing any identifiable information (such as that in the .CSV filename) if you wish to do so. The individual data logs will not be made available to any 3rd party and will be deleted entirely once the meta analysis is complete and the write up is done.

I will give full credit in the final write up to all folks who are able to assist me with this data, should you with to be so credited. Please send your CSV files to The project is ongoing now (June 16th 2018) and the data collection stage will run for the next week or two (until late June). I will be here and on email to respond to any requests for further information.

I will share drafts of the write up to all data participants, for feedback and improvements, before the final version is published.

Many thanks

Dr. Maximilian Holland
Cleantechnica Writer on EVs

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